Printing Thin Flexible Batteries to Power an Innovative Future

Printed Energy is an Australian company established to develop breakthrough manufacturing techniques for printing batteries and photovoltaics. We have a portfolio of innovative patented technologies and we are focussed on bringing these technologies to market as quickly as possible.

Printed Energy’s research team and laboratory in Tempe Arizona are well supported by a collaboration arrangement with two of Australia’s leading universities in the field of energy storage and materials science.


Printed Energy is developing a unique set of new battery chemistries that are suited to manufacture using traditional roll-to-roll printing techniques.

The key compounds are commonly available metals such as Zinc and Manganese Oxides and inorganic matrix structures mixed with polymers and electrolytes. Most importantly they are all non-toxic and very low flammability.

Printed Energy is printing solid state batteries in a thin, flexible format that can be adapted to almost any shape.

The goal is to print the batteries as an integrated printed element to power a myriad of new and evolving printed electronic applications.

Their thin flexible format will also help the stand-alone version of Printed Energy’s batteries push the boundaries of more traditional battery applications.

Potential applications for the printed batteries range from powering disposable healthcare devices, sensors, internet of things devices, smart cards, wearable electronics and personal lighting; to larger scale applications such as in combination with flexible solar panels to help manage intermittency and energy storage.

A printed battery which is thin, flexible and rechargeable.

A fully integratable component making new products possible.

Non toxic, sustainable and affordable.


The Printed Energy team has deep and rich experience with batteries, photovoltaics, and printed electronics.
They bring together an exceptional combination of expertise in the development and manufacturing of printed primary and secondary batteries.

Collectively, they bring to Printed Energy, their expertise in:

  • Optics, photovoltaic systems, patent and innovation analysis
  • Electrochemistry, interfaces and physical chemistry
  • Ink formulations, synthesis and analysis of nanomaterials
  • Assembly and testing of finished battery products
  • LEAN manufacturing
  • Coating and printing technologies
  • Battery cell and electrochemical cell manufacturing

Many of the team have already helped to bring a breakthrough printed LED product to market.


Rodger Whitby - Founder & Managing Director

Rodger is an experienced senior executive from the energy sector who specializes in business development, financial performance, project development and risk management.

Dr Vera Lockett - Chief Scientist

Vera is an internationally recognized scientist and innovative chemist with in-depth expertise of the scientific method in fundamental and applied fields. She has led R&D of high-performing supercapacitors, thin printed batteries, sensors and solar cells, nanotechnology, polymer-based formulations, electrochemical and technical processes and more.

Dr William Ray - Chief Technical Advisor

Dr. Ray has over thirty years of experience in leading applied research teams in both hardware development and software development for complex systems. He is named inventor on more than 100 patents or active applications in the areas of semiconductors, optics, opto-electrical devices, printing, energy storage, water filtration/desalinization, and specialized film/coating patterned manufacturing systems.

Alexandra Martin - Process Engineer

Alexandra has over 15 years of experience in printing electronics. She has many years working in research and development, prototype manufacturing, and full-scale manufacturing. Alexandra’s expertise across several printing processes, ink manufacturing and process / product development as well as her Six Sigma Green Belt have been fundamental in her work.

Michelle Childs - Operations Manager

Michelle is an experienced business marketing and project manager, with a Masters Degree in Business Administration (MBA). Creates marketing solutions for small business, focusing on integrating e-marketing, social media and traditional marketing techniques to provide tailored solutions for each client. She has a special interest in cutting edge energy technology and brings her expertise and passion to Printed Energy.

Sri Harsha Kolli - Battery Engineer

Sri Harsha is an experienced energy storage device engineer with proficiency in manufacturing and testing of batteries and fuel cell devices. His focus is on manufacturing, product development and testing of energy storage devices.

Leila Daneshi - Chemist

Leila is a practiced chemist with extensive experience working in formulations of battery inks, conductive compounds, electrochemistry, soaps, and other organic and wet chemistry. Leila is an inventor on several patents for the technologies she has been fundamental in developing.

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